There are approximately 2600 different species of palms that can be found throughout the warmer areas of the world, over 400 of which can be successfully grown here in the San Francisco Bay Area. From these 400, Golden Gate Palms has selected what we consider to be the best of the bunch for our region. We have elaborated on the attributes of each in our "Species & Photos" section and have included our best photos. Access these descriptions and photos by clicking on the thumbnail or name of the species below. Each photo can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom of each species page. The enlarged photos are in the form of a "cutsheet" (which includes Latin name, common name, and Golden Gate Palms contact information) which can be printed for personal reference, client review, or cheap wall paper. And if you've got your heart set on growing the rarer harder to find species not listed, we probably have some in odd sizes and numbers around the nursery. And if we don't, we don't mind hunting them down for you. Happy palm hunting!

Palm Society