~ Brahea armata ~
Mexican Blue Palm


Height: 35'   Growth rate: Slow   Climate zones: 8-17 to 15°   Origin: Mexico


Mexican Blue Palm Trees

Brahea armata is a palmate, mildly armed palm native to isolated riparian canyons in Baja California. The palm is most noteworthy because of its iridescent silver blue colored fronds and its ivory white flower bracts which protrude out dramatically well beyond the foliage. It is a heat loving plant which grows very slowly to an ultimate height of 35 feet. This palm is very hardy showing little or no damage at 15 degrees and so can be utilized throughout Northern California. Because of the unique color of the fronds of B. armata, the palm is best used in one of the following ways: 1) in a desert arrangement among other xeric plants such as cacti and succulents; 2) among a Mediterranean planting using color contrasting as well as like colored plants such as Artemesia, lamb's ears, silver grasses, Senecio, Lavenders, or Verbascum; 3) as the central contrast plant against the dark green backdrop of a lush garden, and; 4) as an accent to interesting architecture, especially natural colored grey concrete structures. B. armata is very dramatic when front lit as the silver fronds reflect back much of the light creating a ghostly palm image coming out of the night- this effect is especially accentuated when reflected in dark water such as a swimming pool or large pond.

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