~ Phoenix roebellini ~
Pygmy Date Palm


Height: 15'   Growth rate: Slow   Climate zones: 8-17 to 24°   Origin: Laos, Vietnam


Pygmy Date Palm Trees

Like its cousin the Canary Island Date Palm in many ways, albeit at 1/10 the scale, the Pygmy Date Palm is appropriately named. The two main differences between the two palms are (besides the size, and yes, size does matter - especially when you're talking about palms): 1) the Pygmy is more tropical looking than the Canary due to its glossy, more pliable fronds, and; 2) the Pygmy is less cold tolerant than the very cold hardy Canary. Native to Laos and Vietnam, this palm can grow to 15 feet during an average person's lifespan, but is most often seen as a dainty but elegant palm used in pots, along building foundations, or in small gardens where it is more in scale than a large palm. There is no better palm to grow on a typical apartment deck garden in a pot than a Pygmy. This palm does equally well as an interior plant if given bright light. Hardy to around 24 degrees and recovering from lower temperatures, this palm is recommended for the entire SF Bay Area (Although in protected microclimates within zone 14 such as along a South facing building foundation). Rarely, P. Roebellini will branch to form a multi-headed "cresting" specimen as shown below.

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