~ Archontophoenix cunninghamiana ~
King Palm


Height: 80'   Growth rate: Moderate   Climate zones: 8-17 to 27°   Origin: Australia


King Palm Trees

The King Palm is native to the rainforest regions of North East Australia. It is a fast growing, spineless, self-cleaning, feather type palm with a prominent lime green crownshaft and attractively ringed trunk. Flowers are ivory and magenta with bright red seeds to follow. The King Palm along with the Kentia Palm are the most tropical looking of the common palms which can be successfully grown in Northern California. Being a riparian rainforest tree, it prefers to grow in shaded, wet locations until mature when it can handle full sun in coastal Bay Area regions. Cold Hardy to 27 degrees, the King Palm has recovered from freezes in the low twenties with moderate to severe damage. This Palm is only for the nearly frost-free regions of zone 17, and warm, protected microclimates within zones 15-16. Can be grown successfully for many years within colder zones 14, 9, and 8 if planted under East or North Facing buildings with overhangs, or under evergreen trees. Also, since the King appreciates increased humidity as well as wind and cold protection, tightly grouping multiple palms together will not only accomplish this, but also create an aesthetic gem as the photos below depict.

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