~ Phoenix rupicola ~
Indian Cliff Date Palm


Height: 35' Growth Rate: slow Climate Zones: 8-24 to 22 degrees Origin: India


Canary Island Date Palm Trees

Arguably the most beautiful Phoenix species of all, the Cliff Indian Date Palm is a slow growing tree to 35' tall in 40-75 years. It eventually gets a 14"-18" thick trunk covered by its uniform and tight mat of frond boots. Within 20 years or so after planting, it will finally become treelike as one would be able to walk under its fronds. The ultimate proportions of the tree are very nice as it grows no taller than 35'. The biggest feature of the tree though are the fronds. They are gracefully soft, a glossy bright green color, and arching on a vertical plane creating a beautiful sillouette.


Most garden books listed this plant as too tender for Northern California for many years. It was not until I encountered 2 matching trees in Concord, CA that I realized how hardy they were. These two trees were fully mature when the record freeze of 1989 came into town and were burnt badly by the ensuing cold temperatures which hovered in the upper teens. Then they rapidly recovered the following Spring to have a wholly new crown of foliage by the end of the growing season. And so then began my quest to grow this tree and offer it to my fellow Northern Californians. Unfortunately for me, the tree grows very slowly. But now, ten years later, we are happy to report that we have a beautiful selection of this nearly impossible to find tree in our nursery ready for transplant into your garden. Like Jubaea, plant it in a space where it can be enjoyed as a young spreading plant that will over much time, become a most gorgeous tree.

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