~ Trachycarpus fortunei ~
The Windmill Palm, Chusan Palm


Height: 40'   Growth rate: Medium   Climate zones: 8-17 to 10°   Origin: China


The Chinese Fan Palm

The Chusan Palm is a medium sized palm to 40' tall with dark green palmate fronds. The leaf boots of this native Chinese palm form an interesting hairy covering over the slender ringed trunk and are retained for many years unless manually "skinned" off the tree. The hairy fiber helps to insulate the palm against extreme cold allowing it to be grown unprotected outdoors in such harsh climes as British Columbia, Washington D.C., and even snowy Bulgaria. The hairy fibberd trunk of the Chusan is ideally suited to support epiphytic plants such as bromeliads and cold hardy orchids. Trachycarpus fortunei does equally well in shaded or sunny locations and can tolerate extreme cold, heavy winds and moderate ocean salt spray making it a very versatile palm for Northern California and beyond. Golden Gate Palms prides itself on making available large T. Fortuni to 35' tall. Call for a current availability listing of our field grown specimens (photo at lower left). Golden Gate Palms also carries T. wagnerianus (2 photos at lower right side) which resembles the above but in miniature form, and also T. takil which features a dramatic silver underside to the fronds and an elegant, uniformly thatched trunk.

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