~ Cycas revoluta ~
Sago Palm, "Dinosaur Food"


Height: 15'   Growth rate: Slow   Climate zones: 8-17 to 15°   Origin: Japan


Sago Palm Trees

Although commonly known as a "Sago Palm", Cycas revoluta is not a palm at all, it is an ancient cone bearing plant more closely related to the common modern day pine tree than any palm. Cycas revoluta is a member of the cycad family (Cycadaceae). This primitive family of plants have been living on the Earth for hundreds of millions of years and were present when the dinosaurs ruled the planet. The Sago Palm, and it's relatives in the Cycad family, formed an integral part of the dinosaur's diet along with tree ferns, conifers, and other primitive plants. Around the nursery, we like to call this plant, "Dinosaur Food". Cycas revoluta is native to the subtropical southern islands of Japan. It is amazingly hardy to heat and cold and can be grown throughout Northern California. It's only requirement is that it does not like to be waterlogged as it will rot to death. The Sago Palm is an extremely slow growing, pinnate, dark green fronded plant that can form multiple trunks which can reach 15' tall in 100 years under ideal conditions. But during our immediate lifetimes, the plant should be utilized as a dramatic tropical looking accent plant which commands attention. The foliage of the Sago is very stiff and perfectly formed leading the untrained eye to believe the plant is artificial. The Sago Palm is a great plant for the average California household which moves to a new house on average every 7 years, as the plant can be maintained for a lifetime under potted conditions, or if planted can be easily dug and moved to its new garden location.


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