~ Livistona chinensis ~
Chinese Fan Palm


Height: 40' Growth Rate: slow Climate Zones: 8-24 to 18 degrees Origin: China


The Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona chinensis is a fan palm native to China as the species name implies. It grows very slowly and is often used as a low focal plant or even as a massed groundcover as can be seen in one of the photos with my lovely and highly paid blonde model- my wife. Thanks for lending scale honey. The poor girl was working really hard that day demonstratiing how gorgeous the Chinese Fan Palm looks in Asian pots as well. L. chinensis has an abnormally glossy sheen to its fronds which causes its magical glimmer. If you wait around long enough, it will eventually make a trunk and become a walk under tree. And if you wait even longer (maybe 100 years after you germinate it), it will grow to a statuesqe 40' height boasting a beautiful, dainty, and self cleaned trunk and having a uniquely grand frond spread much larger than the Mexican Fan Palm which some unenlightened people compare it to. Oh look, there she is again competing for my attention while standing next to L. chinensis' cousin, the drooping foliaged Livistona decipiens. Also look for us to be offering Livistona australis which is similar to L. chinensis but is much darker green, has a frond which uniquely radiates out in a complete circle, and has extremely decorative, sexy, large, black, hooked thorns protruding from its petioles.

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