~ Phoenix canariensis ~
Canary Island Date Palm


Height: 80'   Growth rate: Slow   Climate zones: 8-17 to 15°   Origin: Canary Island Chain


Canary Island Date Palm Trees

Native to the Canary Islands, Southwest of the opening to the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Palm is a large scale tree of unequaled character due to its massive trunk (30 to 42 inches in diameter), interesting leaf scar pattern and pineapple shaped leaf boots (if trimmed properly). It is a palm that is becoming signature to the Bay Area horticultural scene, due in large part to the massive planting of these trees along the San Francisco Embarcadero waterfront. It is a slow growing tree to 80' in nearly as many years with up to a 35' spread. Its fronds are dark green, pinnate, nicely recurved, but with vicious spines at the base (one of the only drawbacks of this palm). It revels in adverse conditions. The Canary will withstand: extreme wind and grow up straight as an arrow (valuable in high wind areas where canopy trees grow sideways if at all); extreme cold; extreme heat; moderate ocean salt spray, and; completely flooded conditions to bone dry drought conditions (although it would prefer the former). Use this palm confidently in zones 8-17 where it has the room to show off its magnificent glory. I consider this palm- when trimmed properly- to be the most fabulous and regal tree that can be reliably grown in Northern California.

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