While watering palms at the nursery, we have discovered an incredible little hummingbird nest just 3 inches in diameter. The nest is located in a Pygmy palm neatly perched directly on one of the very small and delicate fronds. When we first discovered it, the nest contained 4 small eggs and a vigilant and beautiful mother we now fondly call Hanna (Arabic for "happiness" and Japanese for "favorite"). A few days later when we got the camera out (3/26/08), we noticed one egg had hatched, one disappeared, and two remain. I'm guessing the hatchling is a girl who we decided to call "Hilary", (french derivative of "happy"). We have had many hummingbirds nest and raise young in the nursery, but never in such public view. We won't show you exactly where this nest is, but if you find it, please stay back at least 10 feet from the nest and try not to disturb mom. We'll post more photos as this family matures and of course we'll need two more names if all goes well. You know what that means! Send us an email with suggestions. Requirements: they all start with "H."



Gary's seemingly huge finger pointing at Hanna the Hummingbird's nest for scale



Hanna's perfectly balanced super tiny nest construction job- wow she's a great builder!


hummingbirdClose up of "Hilary the Hatchling Hummingbird" and two tiny eggs to be named later



Mommy Hanna diligently watching guard over her precious family



Check back for more photos!







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