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Merry Xmas everyone and here's something to put you in the (holiday) mood.
Gary has just written an article on the cheery red Hippeastrum bulb (a.k.a. Amaryllis) for the Contra Costa Times.

Check out this super hot red head!

Hippeastrum Bulbs
A trio of Hippeastrum posing for the camera in Gary's garden


Hippeastrum Bulbs
Three beautiful blonds posing with three equally beautiful red heads. Gary admits to ulterior motives when he gives his wife, Kara, and his two daughters (Raea center and Muppy on right) Hippeastrum for Christmas. Once the flowers are spent, Gary steals them back and plants the bulbs in his garden



If a red flower doesn't put you in the holiday mood, check out Gary's new (to him) red ride. He braved the record cold temperatures and flew to Chicago last week where he picked up this monster Mack truck!
It features super cool looks and a foldable crane capable of hoisting 1,500 lb. palms into place from 40' away.
Give Gary a couple months to "pimp his ride" and we'll have some fun "after" photos of our newest family member, whom we have aptly named "Red Bull".


"RED BULL" the Crane
"Red Bull" taking a break from his cross country jaunt in Tahoe!



Our fabulous Queen Palm Christmas special.
$45 per trunk ft (normally $65/ft) for boxed trees.
$50 each for our 8-9' tall 15 gal plants.

Read more about the highly adaptable and versatile queen palm!

Queen Palm

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