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Gary's latest Bay Area Newsgroup column "True Plant Stories - Mistletoe" gives the history, both mythical and horticultural, of our favorite kissing bush. Did you know that the name mistletoe is derived from the ancient German words for "Dung Branch"? Read more about this famous parasitic plant in the article!


Swamp Myrtle Flowers
The lovely ubiquitous bunch of mistletoe we see "hanging around" at the holidays.

Swamp Myrtle
Mistletoe in its natural habitat (parasitizing a tree).

Swamp Myrtle Trunk
Flowering Mistletoe.

Swamp Myrtle Trunk
Male plant on left, female plant on right with berries. Only the female plant with berries may be used to kiss under and one berry must be removed for each kiss enjoyed. Once all the berries are gone, all kissing must cease. :-( Make sure to collect sprigs with LOTS AND LOTS of berries!!! Merry Xmas!


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Gary just recently saved a bunch of mature canary palms from certain death and now we are fully stocked with the magical big impact trees. Get 'em while they're hot!

Senegal Date Palm


Here are some photos of an incredible wedding. The happy couple rented the palms from Golden Gate Palms and created this magical environment for their unforgettable night. Check out these amazing before and after photos.

Senegal Date Palm
The wedding couple before any palms arrive. (Note the locations of the little blue flags)

Senegal Date Palm
Palms arrive to transform the bare grassy field into a palm forest.

Senegal Date Palm
The final fantastic result. What an atmosphere!

Senegal Date Palm
The wedding in progress.


Senegal Date Palm
Gorgeous couple, gorgeous palms!
Congratulations Jess and Ted!!!


If you have a great palm photo and we think it's cool enough to use on our newsletter you'll earn yourself a $25 gift certificate to use in the nursery.

Senegal Date Palm
Gary snapped this photo of the Blue Angels performing over one of his freshly trimmed palms at AT&T park.

Senegal Date Palm
Arianna Gragg aka "Mup" grabbed her dad's IPhone and snapped this artistic photo of a Queen palm flower just after it was tossed onto the burn pile.

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