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Gary's latest freelance article covers everything you ever wanted to know about successfully growing Bougainvillea in our local Bay Area Climate.


Bougainvillea San Diego Red
Bougainvillea 'San Diego Red'

Bougainvillea Flowers and Bracts
Bougainvillea Flowers and their colorful Bracts

Bougainvillea untended
An untended, unfertilized, unwatered Bougainvillea that is thriving!


We call him "Red Bull" because he is SO powerful and full of energy. He has become indispensible in the short amount of time that he has been working with us. In short, we are in love with our newest team member.

Red Bull
Red Bull - the COOLEST crane/truck ever!

Naturally, there is a great story surrounding the aquisition of our dearest "Red Bull." Gary was searching the internet relentlessly for the perfect crane to fill a plethora of needs. Eventually, he came across a truck/crane combo that sounded suitable. The only drawback was that it was in Chicago. Never one to be thwarted by circumstances, Gary contacted the owner, made a deal, and bought a one way ticket to Chicago. This is where it gets good. The seller agreed to pick Gary up from Chicago O'Hare. Blissfully, Gary embarked on the plane from San Francisco, where it was 70 degrees F, in his "uniform" which is shorts and a t-shirt. He stepped off of the plane in Chicago where he then had to wait 45 minutes OUTSIDE in 12 degree F weather. At this point he realized that he did not even know what the guy picking him up looked like. They did eventually find one another (just before hypothermia set in) and the truck was just what Gary had hoped it would be.
He then began the long drive across the country, Ice Road Trucker style: surviving a blizzard in Wyoming and a lengthy discussion with a state trooper about why he made a u-turn through the ditch in the middle of the interstate (because he was really low on fuel and had realized there was NO "gas stop" or exit for many many miles).

Red Bull did not always look as glamourous as he does now. This is the incarnation of him which faithfully brought Gary across so many states.

Red Bull Tahoe
"Red Bull" and Gary stop in Tahoe for a well deserved rest on their cross country jaunt

Gary has subsequently "pimped his ride" and this is how Red Bull looks today. You will soon see him travelling around installing beautiful palms throughout the Bay Area.

Red Bull Profile
Lovely in Profile

Red Bull's got Bling (in the form of Bulldogs of course)

Red Bull Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Emblem

Red Bull Mirror
Bulldog Mirror

Red Bull
Bulldog Hood Ornament

Red Bull Horn
Even his Horn is fancy! When you honk at Gary in Red Bull, he'll surely return the favor!


Just another day in Paradise. Here's a lovely photo of a palm tree getting trimmed by one of the Golden Gate Palms experts. The next time your palm needs a haircut, give us a jingle and we'll make your paradise picture perfect too.

Palm Trimming

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