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This month's freelance article is about the Mexican Fan Palm, scientifically known as Washingtonia robusta. Although it's a palm that quickly attains vertical height, it also requires considerable maintenance in the form of high-wire-act pruning to keep it looking its best. Although not a good choice for the small residential garden because of its mature size of 120', they look fantastic in combination with multi-story buildings, in large commercial settings, or lining boulevards and framing sunsets on the horizon. Gary presents the naked truth about these frequently seen palms and presents a more palatable alternative palm for a back-yard environment.

Mexican Fan Palm Article

Mexican Fans at ATT Park
Mexican Fan Palms tower over the plaza at AT&T Park in San Francisco

Mexican Fan Palm Frond
Mexican Fan Palm Frond


Looking for a punch of summer color to liven up your tropical garden? Go with Canna plants. These rhizomatous perennials will rise to the occasion and provide gorgeous blooms from light pink to wine red and every color in between on the spectrum from now until November. We have plenty in stock and will give one away for each sale of more than $100. Just print this newsletter and bring it in and pick one out from our assorted block of 5 gallon plants eagerly awaiting a new home.

Stunning Canna Flowers

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