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Dear Landscape Professionals & Palm Lovers:

Summer has well and truly arrived and Golden Gate Palms Nursery would like to wish you a very long and successful landscaping season.

Nursery Info
If you have not been to our nursery lately, it is a wonderful time of year for a visit.  We have 3.5 acres of jungle which gets more lush every year.  We would like to invite you to come walk through our groves, hand-select your specimens, and find inspiration in our demonstration gardens which feature a myriad of exotic plantings ranging from lush rainforest to dry desert.  All of our palms and exotics are chosen for their suitability for Northern California climates and microclimates. 

We have recently revamped our website.  A visit to the site will provide you with detailed information about a multitude of palms as well as humorous anecdotes about the palms and the people associated with the nursery. You will find yourself smiling as you look through it, we promise.

Golden Gate Palms News
We will be having an open house/open nursery for industry professionals later in the season and will keep you posted on the date and time!

The new Home and Garden Television show hosted by Gary Gragg (president and owner of Golden Gate Palms) has been renewed for a second season.  Yay!  Gary and Sarah (landscape designer for GGP) continue to make the world a more beautiful place one garden at a time - while getting up to some pretty ridiculous antics as well.  "Superscapes" will debut on Sunday January 4th 2009 at 9:30pm!  The show will air weekly in that time slot (Prime Time - How Fun!). Don't forget to watch.
Read more about the TV show at

Coming soon, the Palm of the Month, Nursery Discounts and Specials.
This is our first newsletter so please respond to this email or send an email to  We would love your feedback. Don't forget to let your friends know about it!

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